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Dee Heartz Christopher’s



Hard to believe, but Dee is now another year older since we started the Gertz Girlz blog (funny how that works). For her birthday celebration, we traveled to one of her favorite past haunts. It was an uncommonly warm–and impossibly sunny–day for early March; in fact, it was a perfect day to visit Cambridge MA and be a part of the bustling life of city dwellers and college students; the frenetic bus, car, cab, and foot traffic; and the sense of belonging that occurs in one of Dee’s favorite cities.

Gertz Girl DeeDee Sez:

Oh Cambridge, My Cambridge! How I’ve loved and missed you so. You were there for me at just the right time: when I was young and everything was possible, and you were right at my door (or just a few miles away). Back then, I lived in Belmont, within walking distance to the Mount Auburn Cemetery. If you’ve never been, don’t let the idea of graves keep you away. It’s an extraordinary place, filled with gorgeous landscaping, walking paths, horticulture, architecture, history; and in the spring, lush lawns abut a pond filled with gorgeous waterfowl. It’s a place that is magical and alive.

While my home was in Belmont, my life was in Cambridge. I knew every square inch of every Square (except Kendall, which in the 1980s wasn’t all that interesting; I understand it’s more interesting now). I ate hot dogs at The Tasty in Harvard Square, which is gone now, but immortalized in Good Will Hunting (as an aside, I find it irritating that the characters ate hamburgers…really?…the hot dogs were amazing!). I had so many dining experiences in so many of Cambridge’s Squares, and way too many to mention here.

But oh, the memories of Christopher’s…

Located at the corner of Mass Ave and Porter Rd, we can’t guarantee a day as gorgeous.

I’m now living in a country town I love. It’s nice to be a country mouse when you’ve had your fill of city life. But I have found that the city mouse in me still wants to scurry in the flurry of city energy once in a while, and so, the Gertz Girlz indulged me on a birthday trip down memory lane.

Thirty years ago, when I visited frequently, Christopher’s was the place for the young, casual, and hip, and I was two of those things–guess which two (lol). Today, with Lesley College taking the place of the Porter Exchange, it’s still–and especially–a young person’s place. And it should be. Cambridge is meant for the young, if not the young at heart. And after all those years, I was THRILLED to discover they still offer Yuppie Nachos on the menu. I don’t know if ‘yuppie’ is now an un-PC term, but good for Christopher’s for keeping the name, and more importantly, keeping it on the menu! Yuppie Nachos was all I wanted, and Christopher’s didn’t disappoint.

Yuppie Nachos, baby!

Yuppie Nachos, like all nachos, are easy to make, but years ago they figured out a winning combo: chips, jack and cheddar cheese, and the most important ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese. Back in ‘my day’, they didn’t offer guacamole, but they do now, thank you! DeeLish!

Gertz Girl EvaEva Sez:

It was exciting to make a trip to the city (like my aunt and mother, I may be a city girl at heart). For someone who lives in the New Hampshire ‘burbs there is no end of fascinating people watching as you sit at traffic light after traffic light. And this was the perfect casual campus checkout…Lesley College you are not for me but at least I know where you are now!

Eva and Dee: two generations of city mice living a country life!
Eva’s Boneless Buffalo Wings (made from naturally raised chicken) and side of steak fries.

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

Buyer’s remorse is a real drag when you’re talking about food. I now have been on the Keto diet for three months. I have perfected cooking a >bleeping< omelet to the point where someone should be hiring ME to work the brunch station. Which is why I never should have ordered it at Christopher’s. But it had salmon and cream cheese in it and that was the bait for me.

Lisa’s Omelet. Dee hates salmon so also regretted Lisa’s choice 😉

Ultimately, I ended up looking longingly at other, more interesting choices and wishing I had made them…like a big juicy bun-less burger for instance. Still, I had my appetizer splurge and those Yuppie Nachos were all that Dee had bragged about. They made me want to tie a cardigan around my neck and change my name to Muffy. Let’s just say they were in the top five nachos I have ever eaten, and that’s saying something!

Gertz Girl EvaEva Sez:

If there is one thing I love more than people, it’s dogs. So when we walked into Christopher’s I was instantly giving them props on their decor. Our extremely nice waiter Dan explained that they feature local artists’ work and change it up on a regular basis. Our timing was perfect…beautiful, huge, paintings of dogs on every wall surface of the restaurant and bar! I was in heaven.

Check out other beautiful art at

They are all for sale but I don’t think I’ll have that kind of space in my dorm room!

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

I love good art almost as much as Eva loves dogs. It was kind of spectacular when we entered Christopher’s to see these very large-scale close-up paintings of all different breeds of our canine friends. Please note as of this writing that the Dog Exhibit has moved on. Christopher’s retains an art consultant named Hailey Cormier with if you would like more info on these gorgeous works of art.

This guy obviously wanted his fair share of our food!

Gertz Girlz Final Dish:

It’s always fun to revisit your old stompin’ groundz. We were happy to experience this with Dee, to celebrate another birthday, and to see some of her young-self past with our very own eyes. Another bonus that day at Christopher’s was the staff.

Dan Flynn, the Beverage Manager, adding lemon shavings to Dee’s birthday martini. Such a nice guy!

We had two “Dan’s” (waiter and beverage manager) who couldn’t have been friendlier or more informative and patient with all our incessant Gertz Girlz questionz! We highly recommend this wonderful old(?) pub to everyone who loves wonderful old(?) pubs!

More info:


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Seaglass Celebrationz




There’s a melancholy beauty to the beach in winter. When the sky is gray-blue and the wind still, the atmosphere is warm and cozy, even if the temperature is frigid. This was the perfect setting for a February visit to Seaglass in Salisbury, where the large dining room boasts windows all around. There is no bad seat for enjoying the ocean view.

Dee’s view during brunch, sans Surfside Five full-swing Sunday reggae party.

Which is great when you have a lot to celebrate. Like a birthday (Lisa’s) and a one year anniversary (Gertz Girlz). Not to mention the Super Bowl: on this Sunday we had these to celebrate, and more; it was also a long overdue meal for the three Girlz, who were dealing with the flu and more in January.

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

I will eat vicariously through my carb-loving daughter for the next few months, but there is enough feast for the eyes in Seaglass to occupy anyone. It is quite pretty with some architectural details like a large fireplace and bar, and a decidedly sleek interior design. And as an Aquarian, I have a deep appreciation for personal space. One of my pet peeves at many brunch buffets is bumping into the elbows of people on the feed line. Seaglass offers a very spacious buffet room, with stations placed strategically around the room, and this was a very relaxed and enjoyable brunch browsing experience.

Plenty of seats at the bar!

The last time I dined here, a full moon and high tide created a dramatic dinner show of thunderous waves smashing rhythmically against the large picture windows which overlook the ocean. And if you come during the busy summer months, the windows to the right offer a view of the Surfside Five restaurant deck in a full-swing Sunday reggae party!

Lisa’s Keto Plate

Gertz Girl EvaEva Sez:

Any place by the sea is for me!! I really like Seaglass restaurant and breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal out. The buffet here was great with a good selection, but my favorite dish was the creamy Eggs Benedict served over crispy home fries, a good contrast in tastes and textures.


A very happy Eva

Gertz Girl DeeDee Sez:

I love a breakfast brunch buffet, though they tend to be a bit pricey for someone who gets full quickly, so I never get my money’s worth. But this is beside the point: the fun is in the variety, walking from one station and chafing dish to the next, lifting lids to discover hidden treasures, then locking in on what that first piled plate will include.

Dee’s first (and only) piled plate

At this point, Gertz Girlz readers know of my passion for Eggs Benedict. Unfortunately, this dish doesn’t do particularly well in a brunch buffet setting, but I still give props when it’s offered, as it was at Seaglass. I think they should consider keeping extra hollandaise on the side over a heated fondue pot, because these bennies were fairly naked. Instead of the traditional English muffin, the poached eggs rest on a hash brown patty. This made it harder for them to stay together and I found myself chasing them around the chafing dish with a spatula, sliding the egg back on top of the hash brown patty before hoping I could get the prize on my plate without an embarrassing incident (I did). But the taste pairing was right, and except for the yolks being cooked through, it was satisfying.

The bacon slices clung to each other in a jumble, but this is a good thing if you want a lot of bacon but don’t wish to look like a–AHEM–pig. The sausage was slightly sweet and yummy; I wish I had grabbed more than one. The breakfast potatoes had a bit of a spicy kick but were a little dry; I relied on my delicious and Instagram-worthy Bloody Mary to wash them down (there’s always a silver lining). I also helped myself to a healthy serving of shrimp cocktail, which was excellent.

The Bloody Mary…a buffet in a beverage!

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

As usual with the Gertz Girlz, you never know where the conversations will go and during our leisurely mealz, we discussed Eva’s recent genealogy results from 23andMe. It turns out she is more Irish and Ashkenazi Jewish than we anticipated…which explains her deep love for both mashed potatoes and potato pancakes!

Gertz Girlz Final Dish:

Everyone will be happy to know that Lisa did allow herself a splurge on her birthday, and at the end of her protein packed brunch, basked in the deep joy of a rich chocolate mousse, served in a guilt-free shot glass with a tiny spoon. That should hold her over for a few months?!

Overall, the Gertz Girlz left Seaglass quite satisfied, and were talking about the Superbowl snackz we planned to have later that day. We take pride in celebrating our one-year anniversary of the Gertz Girlz food blog with this latest post. Here’s to another fattening year, discovering new places to nosh, recipes to try/share, and family get-togethers to savor.

To quote our champion Tom Brady, “We’re still here!”


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The Melting Pot




We have always loved Eva’s birthdate, December 1. It kicks off the most magical time of the year and the world seems ready to be festive after the gray days of November. It also has made planning her birthday celebrations a breeze, as there is no end to the holiday events that can be borrowed under the guise of a birthday event. In years past we have used sleigh rides, Santa parades, the Nutcracker, and even Scrooge to celebrate Eva’s big day and she was always happy. But this year she was turning 18 and something (or someone) had changed. As we began to discuss possible options to celebrate her birthday, we could see nothing was really getting her too jazzed.

Gertz Girl EvaEva Sez:

Part of my mood had to do with my boyfriend being away at college, and I think part of it was I just was ready to separate my birthday from the holiday stuff. I’ve loved all my birthdays, but this year I just wanted something unique.


Eva and her unique 18th birthday!

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

I was kind of leaving it up to her at this point to decide how she wanted to celebrate. Which was a good call, because she said out of the blue one day, “Hey Mom, have you ever heard of The Melting Pot?”. My head shot up. “You mean the fondue restaurant?!” Well! Eva had found something to “light her fire”.

We made the reservation and the Gertz Girlz, plus Eva’s dad Stu Gertz were looking forward to a grown up birthday adventure!

IMG_8741 (1)_Cropped.jpg
OMG, that’s what it’s all about.

As we drove to the restaurant, I reminded Stu that the home fondue concept was a huge trend in the early 70’s. Just about every middle-class home had a fondue pot (usually an avocado green or burnt orange color) with six forks whose handles were a variety of colors. I remember that being a big deal as a kid – choosing your fork color!

IMG_8733 (1)_Cropped.jpg
Stu and Dee with forks at the ready!

Cheese fondue has its origins in Switzerland where it was, and still may be, a popular midnight snack at parties. The ingredients don’t vary much: Swiss cheese, garlic to rub the pot with, a dry light white wine such as Neufchatel, and a fresh grating of nutmeg. Combine all over a low heat flame and the result is a delicious pot of melted cheese. This was all done at our table by the friendly waitress at The Melting Pot.

Gertz Girl DeeDee Sez:

Every time I try to conjure this restaurant’s name, my mind switches it to The Magic Pan. Sure, they have the same initials, and the same ‘one syllable-two syllable-one syllable combo’ but I think it’s something else: both restaurants offer experiential dining. Or I should say one offers experiential dining; the other is defunct.

Back in the 80s, The Magic Pan was in the Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA where I grew up. It’s claim to fame: crepes. Dinner crepes like the famous Crepes Suzette, dessert crepes, and I believe, soups and salads, because man cannot live by crepes alone—they’re a bit scant. I visited on at least one occasion that I can recall, and didn’t feel particularly full at the end of the experience; just vaguely disappointed. I don’t like feeling full anyway, so it could have been the circumstances, which involved an ex-boyfriend and his mother, but I won’t go there.

IMG_8744 (1)_Cropped.jpg
A perfectly healthy apple, corrupted.

Vaguely disappointed and a dubious dining companion cannot be said for The Melting Pot experience. Of course it was the very special occasion of Eva’s 18th birthday, so that alone made it a slam dunk. And I have fond memories of fondue dinners around our family table in the 1970s, when I was a teen. But as experiential dining goes, this one was pretty good, if not too easy on the wallet (thank you Stuey for generously treating us). Particularly if you order–as we did–the Four Course Experience.

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

The Melting Pot restaurant is pretty unique in terms of its layout. For one thing, it is enormous, with several rooms set up for perhaps larger parties and containing several tables. But the four of us were led through the back section, which can only be described as a warren of alleys containing what seemed like endless private booths, each one with its own built-in electric stovetop and fondue pot. The aesthetic is very pleasant, clean and warm. And always important to me, the noise level was comfortable, with Al Green type music playing in the background.

IMG_8727 (3)_Cropped.jpg
How it all begins…

The fondue experience is a bit more complicated than traditional dining.  To quote one of my ancient old cookbooks from the 1950’s, “It has to be the right kind of a party–the guests have to be good eggs.”

2018-12-02 18.14.08_Cropped.jpg
A couple of good eggs!

Let me add to that, they also need to not be germaphobic or famished, and they should have some dexterity with a long-pitched fork! There is patience required as everyone begins to dunk their food into the same communal pot, twirling to coat their precious cargo with cheese or chocolate. Sometimes you lose your passenger. Sometimes two of you lose a passenger and then you are in a pickle, trying to find the one that belongs to you. The waitress, thankfully, left us with a large slotted spoon which she described as a “Search and Rescue”. That comes in handy!

Gertz Girl DeeDee Sez:

I adored the cheese course! Unless you loathe cheese, there’s no way you can’t fall in love with this silky, creamy, gooey concoction. If I were to visit again, I would a la carte this fondue, pair it with a salad to assuage my guilt, and leave a very happy – and way full, but I would deal with it – woman.


2018-12-02 17.23.25_Cropped.jpg
The Classic

I ordered The Classic, a surf and turf combo. More turf than surf, it came with three shrimp and Certified Angus Beef® Sirloin, Memphis-Style Dry Rub Pork, Teriyaki-Marinated Sirloin and Herb-Crusted Chicken Breast. All the meats were wonderfully seasoned and tender. However, this dining experience comes with a democratic vote. One of four choices for the cheese and dessert courses, and you can choose only one of four cooking methods for the entrée course. I would’ve preferred oil, but a broth base won out. I have to admit, I didn’t love it. Meat boiled in vegetable broth? Not for me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I did. But I went back to my teen experiences of steak tips in hot oil and so the broth came up wanting. That’s okay. I have a fondue pot, so I can always have it my way. Of course, I never use it 😉

Gertz Girl Stu.jpgStu Sez:

The experience was enjoyable, but I’m a big guy who would rather tackle a filet mignon with a fork and knife than go fishing for the bites of food we had. But, Moe, Larry, the cheese…fondue!


2018-12-02 16.20.01_Cropped.jpg
The Cheese Fondue Dunkables!

Gertz Girl EvaEva Sez:

Luckily there were lots of leftovers from the Girlz’ plates…they used to call my dad “the Seagull” in college because he would swoop in for everyone’s leftovers! My favorite part of the four-course meal was the dessert…a pot of melted milk chocolate with all kinds of fruit, pound cake, marshmallows and brownies to dunk in. Fondue is fun! I’d love to come back with a group of friends someday!

The Chocolate Fondue Dunkables!

Gertz Girl DeeDee Sez:

Seagull, lol…yes, he shish kabobbed my remaining meat! Anyhow can you go wrong with melted chocolate and a selection of sweet dunking treats? Please…

Food aside, I can’t believe my little Sweetie Pie, my cute baby niece, is now a beautiful young woman. Snapshots of past memories fill me with so much happiness…and a bit of melancholy. As the saying goes, it went by too fast. But she is an amazing young woman who also fills me with pride for her sweet, kind and level-headed nature. A special and talented person, this Eva Marie Gertz! When she is sprung from high school next spring, it will be something special to watch what she does next.

2018-12-02 18.07.05_Cropped
The Birthday Girl!

Gertz Girlz Final Dish:

Ah yes…18 years old. Another milestone, and we will need to not be offended if Eva’s next birthday celebration is absent of older adults…it’s the nature of growing up, we suppose. After all, she will be away at college next December 1st. So perhaps it will be just Lisa and Dee at home, watching a Christmas movie and firing up our own little fondue pot. We will just have to smile, make a toast to Eva, and say “cheeze”.


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Seoul Sistahz

Photo Jan 28, 2 44 02 PM.jpg


You’re either into the Winter Olympics or you’re not. For many of us in New England however, it’s a welcome distraction. We can totally relate to trying to stay balanced on the ice…we do it almost every day just trying to get to work! For the Gertz Girlz, the Opening Ceremony and Parade of Nations is one of the highlights. It’s inspiring to see all those young, fit athletes representing every country in the world. This is one of the few events that brings the global community together and it’s also a chance to learn more about the culture of the host country. This year, it happily nudged one of the Gertz Girlz to suggest we visit a Korean restaurant and give their cuisine a whirl. There are not many to choose from “up in these parts,” but a gold medal should definitely go to Seoul Kitchen in Westford, Massachusetts.

Gertz Girl Lisa.jpgLisa Sez:

Dee told me she wanted to try a specific Korean dish. But for the life of me I couldn’t recall the name of it. Biddy Biddy Bop? Bim Skala Bim? (yes now I’m aging myself). I gave up and consulted ‘Auntie’ Google. Ah. Bibimbap. “Dee and I are going to try Bibimbap on Sunday,” I told Eva (who couldn’t make this particular Gertz Girlz outing due to drumline practice). “What is that? Like techno music?,” she asked. That made me feel better. So did the visit to Seoul Kitchen restaurant in Westford, MA. And please don’t judge a restaurant by the strip plaza it lives in. This one made me wish I had dressed a little better. Once inside, I was really impressed with the casual elegance and sparkling interior of this good-sized restaurant. I admired the beautiful décor with its warm color scheme of neutrals and a mix of light to deep coral accents. It was spotless.

We had three distinct seating areas to choose from, including a long, attractive sushi bar, a dining area that included booths and regular tables, and the bar area which held a classy ambiance.

Photo Jan 28, 2 44 47 PM.jpg

Once we were seated, and looking at the menu, Dee shared that the mother of the owner makes the pork dumplings by hand everyday (we have since discovered via Phantom Gourmet that she can no longer keep up with the demand, and now has help). But her efforts were appreciated by the Gertz Girlz! They were fried but not greasy, the filling was savory and satisfying, and the dipping sauce was just the right accompaniment.


But, as much as we enjoyed the dumplings, they were slightly eclipsed by a quartet of complimentary dishes brought to us as a sort of Korean “amuse-bouche” by our attentive waitress. We sampled Spicy Kimchi (cabbage), Korean Broccoli, Seasoned Cucumber, and Soy Potato and Carrot Cubes. These were new to our palates and very good nibbles. We also learned that these small side dishes are unique to the Korean culture and are called “Banchan.”  These are almost obligatory on the Korean table.


We sipped our very good ice-cold vodka martinis and waited for the celebrity dish to arrive. Bibimbap. It was easier to pronounce after the martini, to be honest.

Gertz Girl DeeDee Sez:

I first became aware of Bibimbap about four years ago, while working on a recipe card project. I was intrigued by the ingredients, particularly the sunny side up egg topper–which is now a trend, especially on burgers, pizza and red meat, but back then it seemed like a novelty. Anyway, what can I say? I’m a sucker for gooey egg yolks.

Here’s an interesting bit of history about Bibimbap:

There are a variety of choices for meats, grains and sauces. I ordered the Bibimbap with brown rice and soy-sesame beef. The beef was wonderfully tender, and the veggies (carrots, zucchini, celery) were perfectly tender-crisp. The marinade had just the right flavor balance of soy and sesame. I was disappointed in my choice of grain, though. You can also choose white rice or quinoa, but I was attempting to eat healthier, which was a mistake, because I really don’t care for brown rice. It’s certainly not a strike against Seoul Kitchen; the rice was perfectly cooked and slightly chewy. I just should have listened to that nagging inner voice that said, ‘order the white, dummy’. Oh well…


And be forewarned: the stone bowl stays very hot, and even though it is set in a safety tray, it’s easy to forget that as you reach for something. Especially after a martini! And I struggled with the chop sticks for some reason (maybe it was the martini) so gave up and went with a fork. Utensils are kept in a pretty wooden box; the forks are wrapped in napkins secured with a paper sleeve, and there are paper sleeves covering the bowl of the spoons. I was impressed.

Photo Jan 28, 2 56 37 PM.jpg

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

Service is so important and our server didn’t disappoint. She was patient with our questions and discounted our martini when she found out our vodka brand wasn’t available that day. Another side note – the restroom was impressively clean and pretty which is very important to this Gertz Girl.


Gertz Girl Eva.jpgEva Sez:

I wish I could’ve been there, I really love an elegant ambiance. I peeked at the menu online and there are enough upscale Pu Pu items to make me happy.

Photo Jan 28, 2 45 04 PM.jpg

Gertz Girlz Final Dish:

Dee and Lisa arrived on a Sunday between the lunch and dinner rushes, so it was fairly quiet, but didn’t stay that way long. Soon there were five parties joining our section, including one with children in the 6-10 age range. We wouldn’t call Seoul Kitchen a family restaurant, per se, because of the ambiance and slightly high prices. For example, the Bibimbap is $17.95. But it’s perfect for friendly get-togethers or romantic date nights.

If you can’t make it to Seoul Kitchen, but would like to make Bibimbap at home, download the recipe card Dee mentioned earlier in the link below. And if you make it, please let us know what you think!

Bibimbap Recipe

More info:

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Parker’s Maple Barn



If you’ve lived in New Hampshire for at least 15 years (as we have) and still haven’t visited Parker’s Maple Barn Restaurant, we suggest you do. Visiting on a balmy day in mid-October is also a smart move. This rustic eatery nestled in Mason, NH definitely falls under the category of “Destination Restaurant.” A mile-long winding road was raining autumn leaves and pine needles in full sunshine, and brought us abruptly to Parker’s. As Dee said, “you know that you’ve arrived.”

Authentic in its rustic vibe, Parker’s has created an outdoor waiting experience that is part aromatherapy (the maple hits you as soon as you open the car door), charming, whimsical and relaxing. The restaurant, gift shop, outdoor coffee bar, and multiple woodsy seating areas make for an eye-catching exterior. Plentiful parking, including a spillover lot across the street let us know that Parker’s was established and popular. We arrived at noon on a Sunday and there was a 1.5 hour wait (no reservations). We had anticipated this and so should you. Breakfast is served all day, so act like royalty and order what you desire no matter the time.

After a 90 minute wait, we were immediately rewarded with a generous hot beverage service.  The good coffee (according to Lisa) was placed on our table in a carafe – no waiting for refills! If you are a tea drinker, like Dee, you can expect a carafe of hot water, and a tea chest with plenty of regular and herbal choices. We received quick service from a friendly, seasoned (and clearly exhausted) waitress. The food was worth the wait – it was a concise menu with many original temptations.

Gertz Girl DeeDee Sez:

As the name suggests, the restaurant is a large barn-like building decorated with wooden signs and whimsical folk art. There are plenty of rustic outdoor seating options (tree stumps, stone benches) while you wait for your table. But it isn’t autumn in New England if yellow jackets haven’t crashed the party. They chased us out of a covered bridge (another seating option that is no doubt packed when it’s raining), down a path and into the kitschy gift shop. We took a quick look, but opted to enjoy the fresh air and expansive grounds instead.

If you are “hangry”, DO NOT sit in the restaurant’s indoor waiting area. With so many customers, the barn-style door opens and closes with jarring frequency and almost everyone entering or exiting lets it slam shut. It will get on your nerves.

But let’s talk food! When out for brunch, my go-to dish is Eggs Benedict. My expectations are never high, mainly because Eggs Bennie is hard to mess up. Overcooked eggs are always the biggest disappointment, with rubbery ham and overly lemony Hollandaise tied for second. But when our waitress put down my plate, I marveled at how picture-perfect they looked. Honestly, look at this!


Perfectly poached orbs enrobed in a glistening, sunny sauce. Big points for providing a steak knife; this was a first. I have never understood how restaurants think it’s easy to cut through ham and English muffins with a butter knife.

And for the first time ever, I experienced that perfect Eggs Bennie bite. First silky and creamy, followed by salty and tender, and finally gooey and chewy. Heavenly. The home fries weren’t bad, either. But the side of bacon was just okay. I know there’s no such thing as bad bacon (except bad for you), but I think they are missing a great opportunity to offer a maple-candied option, since it’s all the rage these days.

Gertz Girl LisaLisa Sez:

Have you ever been offered “Breakfast Appetizers?” Me neither. How fun! I mean Deep-Fried Blueberry Bites? We might do this on our next visit, but at 1:30 we were in the mood for a lunch appetizer–Spicy Maple Chicken Tenders. The five oversized tenders were amazing. Like something you would get in a great urban Asian restaurant–very lightly breaded, subtly sweet and spicy, and truly tender. One of the lucky Gertz Girlz got to take some home for midnight snakz.


There were some seasonal specials that sounded incredible and involved pumpkin and cream cheese, but I ordered the Maple Ribs with Eggs Any Style, Home Fries and Toast. I hit on the ribs first. Wow! No sticky bbq-like sauce – just pure delicate maple flavor on tender pork that practically jumped off the bone. A little shout out to the whole wheat toast – it was extra thick and flavorful and a great vehicle for the perfectly cooked over-easy egg yolks.

IMG_0093 (1)

Gertz Girl EvaEva Sez:

I guess beverages are important to the Gertz Girlz! The waitress kept refilling my ice water which scores points with me, as one of my nicknames is “The Camel.” I was really excited to see a Thanksgiving Sandwich on the menu as it’s one of my favorite meals. It was fantastic and stacked with juicy, roasted turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I was just a little disappointed by the appetizer plates (kinda chintzy). Food this good deserves to be served on fancier dishes!! (Side note: The other Gertz Girlz didn’t realize until now that Eva is a bit of a dish snob!)


Gertz Girlz Final Dish:

Between the “forest bathing” we did beforehand, and the wonderful dining experience we had afterward, the Gertz Girlz are so glad we made the drive to this unique New Hampshire establishment! Dee bought a beautifully decorated tin of Parker’s maple syrup for $11 and she and her husband enjoyed it on French Toast last night. It was divine. And if you visit between March and mid-April, treat yourself to a tour of the Sugar House while you wait to be seated.

More info: